ReXxel Multisensorial seminars

Entering multidimensionality

ReXxel multisensorial Seminars

Entering Multidimensionality

This new Multisensorial event is an INVITATION to all the people that have gone deep in self-growth and choice to clean all the layers from the past, want to create more beauty in life and step into their own new reality.
This transformative journey will take you to explore and have access to multidimensionality through new fractal sacred geometry videos and advanced universal knowledge.

Seminar content:
Access to New Reality with New generation of Sacred Geometry Videos Activations
Understanding/exploring multidimensional quantum field talk
Embrace Sovereignity
Transcending Matrix program

New Beginning

From personal development to spirituality to Multidimensionality with the magnificent access of the ReXxel Dimension – the first time introduce to Chicagoland.

Coming soon:

  • Set of innovative vibrational tools
  • Luxury Jewelry Set to enhance/accelerate vibrational human field.
  • Rx Dimension book
  • ReXxel multisensorial seminars are a set of advanced fractal videos providing a comfortable space to embrace energetic activations
  • Each video has been studied to activate a specific energetic plan to remember the Perfection we are.
  • Alignment, DNA, Inner Portal, New sacred Geometry,….
  • each activation is based upon a 2 to 3 minutes video, very intense and vibrating

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