ReXxel Multisensorial seminars

Access to multidimensionality

ReXxel multisensorial Seminars

  • ReXxel multisensorial seminars are a set of advanced fractal videos providing a comfortable space to embrace energetic activations
  • Each video has been studied to activate a specific energetic plan to remember the Perfection we are.
  • Alignment, DNA, Inner Portal, New sacred Geometry,….
  • each activation is based upon a 2 to 3 minutes video, very intense and vibrating

This new Multisensorial event is an INVITATION to all the people that have gone deep in self-growth and choice to clean all the layers from the past, want to create more beauty in life and step into their own new reality.
This transformative journey will take you to explore and have access to multidimensionality through new fractal sacred geometry videos and advanced universal knowledge.

Seminar content:
Access to New Reality with New generation of Sacred Geometry Videos Activations
Understanding/exploring multidimensional quantum field talk
Embrace Sovereignity
Transcending Matrix program

New Beginning

From personal development to spirituality to Multidimensionality with the magnificent access of the ReXxel Dimension – the first time introduce to Chicagoland.

Coming soon:

  • Set of innovative vibrational tools
  • Luxury Jewelry Set to enhance/accelerate vibrational human field.
  • Rx Dimension book

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How many dimensions do you know ?
Are you still working with a paper and a pencil or painting but in 2D

How to reach new dimensions of the Geometry to bring back more informations, more vibe, more high frequencies, … and more gifts

2D is the second level, come on reaching the other levels, more fun, more channeling, more vibes, more words to discover

The ReXxel Seven of Sacred Fractal Geometry is level is only for very advanced Beings, if you feel it join us for the specific advanced online seminar about ReXxel Seven of Sacred Fractal Geometry

How to understand easily the fractal word and what it brings for us in our path of consciousness

2D is x and y

3D is x,y,z

Fractal is x,y,z,w

ReXxel is fractal + Rx

Numerology, cultural interpretation, units, dimensions, beliefs, following and repeating, why is there so may common mistakes about Sacred geometry

The impressive relation between
Primes Numbers >Fibonnacci Sequence> Golden ration> pi, phi > Triangle de Pascal > Triangle de Sierpinski > ReXxel

A way to understanfing in minutes the Essence of the Sacred Geometry and a good methodology for Experts to make understandable what Sacred Geometry is, beginning with a simple addition to the Equation of the Universe

Fractal is a weird world of geometry.

how does it works, who discovered the fractal

how to play with,

What is the difference between Fractals and the ReXxel Rx dimension ?

Rx Dimension of the ReXxel generates new codes, new patterns, new reliances, new portals,
How is it possible ?

Join me in that Course

You said Polarity ? even duality ?
let’s go in new awareness and very sexy way to understand vibes, frequency, around men, women.

what do you have to be to “attract” the perfect being and to create a beautiful life sharing of magic and beauty

How to benefit 100 % percent of the ReXxel Sacred Union activation

Sacred Geometry, so what ?
What is beyond?
discover the infinite open field of multidimensional Consciousness … in everyday life

What about our energetic structure is not what we learn from time to time ?

ReXxel is bringing an impressive quantum vision of the Energetic Structure of the Being.
It changes everything for our Inner Path and for Healing process

How to Manifest !

What do you need , what you have to be, what you have to reach to really manifest in your everyday life

How to reach Multidimensionality

What is the difference between meditations and activations

how to be ready for ReXxel activations

how to benefit from a ReXxel activation

Previous beliefs, previous common protocol vs Now ReXxel time

What a beautiful subject ! join me to a feel creativity beyond beliefs, to rearrange time, experiences, realities, multidimensionnality in a new grid and with new paradigm,… really innovatives, connected as always at my ReXxel journeys and discoveries

How to evaluate your vibratory rate with a bunch of tools directly in your everyday life

Diving in the ReXxel structure reveal a lot of reliances and codes connected directly to Inca medicine wheel, the chacana, the Tripower Egyptian, the Kaaba, the Appolon path

Ah la la Chakras !!

Let’s have a new big picture of how the energy is flowing through the bodies, what is inside and outside, in front, in back, above and below

Join as pioneer for this new disclosure that rearrange a new fractal vision of the Energy through the Being we are

Who said we have only One Consciousness ?

What about this new paradigm about channeled with the ReXxel Navigator

what are these 2 states of Consciousness

how they are useful in our quantum reality

how they are are involved in our meditation and healing

Supraconductivity, Gravity at ambiant temperature

talk about what will come and how the ReXxel can contribute to these advanced scientific field

Dedicated to scientist that are involved in research for gravity .
Gravity is also a matter of geometry, some advanced research are around the Penrose’s pattern and the Tetrahedron combinations.
what if i have, not the 3D pattern, but the perfect fractal geometry to make alive the Penrose’s pattern in fractal to accelerate your research ?
contact me

ReXxel Navigator is a new quantum object, in the direct line of Shrördinger equation and Yukawa
Its perfect mathematical distribution is a starting point for supraconductivity, and gravity connected with the Foudyl’s Penrose Fractal [FPF]

let’s go back to fundamental

Science is always pushing the limit beyond what it is possible, so what about Planck Dimensions?

Planck Dimensions are like the sound wall

what is below Planck’s Dimension, how does it looks like

Join me for a travel below the Planck’s dimension
Follow me on my Theory of SupraLight with the ReXxel vessel

Walking the path of Awareness with the ReXxel
You escaped from religion or old beliefs

What are the next steps after Personal development, after Spirituality ?
Let’s discovering Multidimensality and high vibes beyond common beliefs

A new original complete universe of vibrational tools, sacred geometries, and jewelry